Monday, 29 June 2009

Gather firewood, start a fire

He flings a twig at me and gestures fiercely at the hill. “What the hell….we’ve no time to waste!” He bares his teeth, gritted and black, and bends to pick the dropped pack of matches off the floor, scraping his knuckles on the crumbled mud in a snatching show of manhood. He turns back to me, spitting slightly but switching fast to a softer tone which shakes with control; “don’t you act like that’s an unreasonable request now”.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Heather and Phil stood close and uncertain, uncomfortable with their proximity to Mainey’s uncontrollable fast animal pain.

He comes up close to me, blocks my path in a show of teeth, mingling mixed lust and shooting hate in a frizzled flare that connects the both of us. I flinch and turn away with a decisiveness I don’t feel, hating myself for wanting him even now. “Fine”, I snap, though wincing with fury at my tremulous tone. I have no other option but to shoulder and freeze, toying with my numbness in these crazed curt calls of madness which he understands.

His face bites at my vision in the halflight as we stare each other down. It bears an unreadable expression that I know intuitively to be a precursor to something that is tearing and unhinged. I don’t know Mainey well yet, but we both know it is only a matter of time before I follow him to [I CANNOT FINISH THIS - !]


  1. I quite like that ending, very unusual :-)

    I feel like I wasn't sure where this piece was going and it was a huge shock to have this caveman character in with people called Heather and Phil.

    There are good descriptions in it, but I didn't get a sense that you knew where it was going.

    What did you have in mind?

  2. I had as much sense with this as i had with all of the others i think; which is to say yes to a general sense and this scene specifically, no to everything beyond.x

  3. Well why are you being so cryptic then missy? How does the caveman type come into this world?

    Not that I know how a woman called tomorrow can pull clouds on a string...maybe I shouldnt ask questions I cant answer myself. But still I'm curious.