Thursday, 25 June 2009

"Sometimes I get a great notion/ to jump in the river and drown"

I'd fly from my house and break clean into the great outdoors with my hair down my back. And if so the dull horsey colour of childhood, then if so ! - but i'd braid it so its tail would curl at the lowest part. It would gather up its momentum in drumroll surprise, with stuckered flowers and a swishing headlong breeze.

I'd be barefoot always because my shoes were too tight and they gleamed in the sunlight, crowding my head with the wrong picture of church &quiet &held hands. So instead I build my imagination with upraised hands and apple cross eyes, put lotion on my feet to better feel that sunshine suspension like a push. Takes me to the riverside where
i don't know about you but i

could look only ever down. Way into the watery blue of the upturned sky, that shell shock world of lifetimes which exist just because everything does. They continue so silent and apart from all this conscious breeze and the damp smell of the air, the nuances of browns twined together in the mud and the ground


  1. I love this. I can't believe that with writing like this you don't want to write a novel. I could read this forever. I know it would be really really draining to write like this in a sustained way, but it would be so incredible.

  2. Thankyou very much but i worry, actually already basically feel, that it would or would probably be, contrived.x

  3. ....though that sounds weak and i know there are ways to battle through and complete things. so maybe its just that i dont know-.

  4. I think it could be, but no more than anything else could. It's sometimes easier to spot straight away in more experimental stuff, but I don't think it's any more of a problem than it is in more conventional work. I think with your style of writing it's just really essential to find the topic that you're really passionate about, because it's that passion that will provide the main trust of the novel.

  5. i love this one too lianne, this was the one i was telling you i loved, but couldnt think what it's title was!
    you should write poetry! xx

  6. Yeah, the titles are not that helpful. They're not really titles, they're prompts from cards in a pack that are meant to inspire.

    This is beautiful, I actually prefer this sort of writing to poetry. Poetry often gets too stuck in its own rigid constraints and I often think that they've hindered an idea rather than helped it.