Thursday, 25 June 2009

Write of being flung up to the sky

The squinting stars, my exclamation marks and the cold air of dead kisses. We’re far like you wouldn’t believe and there’s no tongue here that will ever bat against my whirlwind heart. You think that’s not a shame? It’s a shame! Our aches span continents, for there is no time like timelessness.
My sense for you exists over every which way and I don’t splutter anymore, there are no dead weights to carry home or small steps to overcome.
No croaking love to choke on, no eyefuls to blink away. You see
yr face yr face yr face

I’m floating loveless and restless, forever warring against your crazed golden gleam and cursing the bitter taste of all this blue., ink., nothing.,.


  1. Should be you see - then a space, yr face yr face yr face.

    Anyway, i cheated with this basically. i kept getting interrupted (i eventually ended up moving upstairs) so i probably did it in a half hour period.

    I'm not feeling great about my writing either, but just going to keep trying.

  2. How have you changed the date to get this to appear before my story?

  3. I haven't! I've no idea how that happened! x